Oleg's Trading Post

This small outpost lies along the South Rostland Road at the southern apex of Brevoy‘s border, a relic of a time when a border post was needed between restov and The Stolen Lands. A few months ago, Content Not Found: oleg-leveton accepted a charter for him and his wife Svetlana to rebuild the post and have been working to improve it despite frequent harassment from local bandits until the party’s arrival.

Content Not Found: jhod-kavken_ arrived a few days later and now oversees the rehabilitation of two recently repentant bandits, Content Not Found: sravek-and-larod_. Content Not Found: kesten-garess and his soldiers now stand guard to protect the outpost from future banditry.

Current Occupants:
Proprietors: Content Not Found: oleg-leveton_ and Svetlana Leveton
Priest: Content Not Found: jhod-kavken_
Repentant criminals: Content Not Found: sravek-and-larod
Guard Captain:
Content Not Found: kesten-garess

Six guards stationed from restov

Oleg's Trading Post

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